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Don't be Scared of Blogging

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Most of you know that I do a lot of web design and digital marketing. Yet, despite my always recommending that a website have a Blog section, many of my clients do not opt to get one. Considering the many reasons WHY someone should have one, (here are 16 reasons why), I think the biggest reason is fear. Is this you?

Fear #1 - I'm afraid I'll have to write a lot and I don't have time

Blogs don't have to be long essays or fact filled articles, they can be anything! Blogs can be: Images, Quotes, Videos (your FB Lives) or a short idea or thought you had about a topic of interest to your audience. Getting any of these together shouldn't take more than an hour. Be spontaneous!

Fear #2 - I'm not a good writer. See #1. You don't have to be an English major to write a blog. You will need to proof for spelling (which is included in most blog platforms) and good grammar can be checked using It's your message and your enthusiasm or expertise is what your audience wants to read.

Fear #3 - I am not very tech savvy and don't like learning new programs. Blog platforms (like my recommendation) are VERY easy to use. It's not much more complicated than making a Word doc on your computer.

Fear #4 - I want to have a website, not a blog. Guess what? They are the same! Yes, when you build a site on most platforms (like Strikingly, a blog is an optional part of the website. (Or you can link to a blog site made on any platform)

Fear #5 - I won't be any good at it. Well, I have explained that it's easy, there are many ideas for what to post. Here are 189 creative ideas of things to post on a blog. But - if you feel that way, I will be happy to do it for you! I can build you a FREE hosted site that is only a blog, OR I can build you a new website that has a blog embedded into the design. It will look like mine, only your brilliant ideas!

So don't be a scaredy cat - contact me and I'll get you ready to be a blogging beast!

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