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5 Tips & Tools to Creating a Killer Newsletter

It's easier than you think and faster too!

Do you often wonder what you should be putting in your email newsletters to your subscriber list? Do you procrastinate or get writer’s block? I’ve put together a few ideas that will help you get going again. It’s super important to stay in touch with your list of subscribers because they are a huge asset to your business. Did you know that email marketing is the second largest driver of traffic & sales to your site, after Google!

So be sure to cultivate, nurture and grow your email list. Here's a few tips on producing killer newsletters:

1. Clever headline – It should be 6 words tops if possible, use an action word and an emotional word.  Make it intriguing but not misleading. "Best 5 summer activities without crowds". Here’s a great tool for evaluating your Subject Line or Headline for a Blog Post:


2. Keep it short. A paragraph of valuable content that is informational not sales-y. You can share good  advice, 3-5 Quick tips or How-to’s or a list of some kind. If you have something longer to share, post just the beginning paragraph with a link to the rest on your site’s blog. You can also post something someone else has written (with permission of course!) with a link to their site.

3. A special offer you have. It doesn't have to be dollars off - it can be a bonus just for new email subscribers, a gift with purchase or a larger amount of something you usually offer at the same price. Discounts are also great - make it short timeframe with urgency. “Use this code XXXX within the next 48 hours and get 25% off” for example.  Note: make your newsletters 80% good info &content, and 20% sales oriented.

4. End with something appealing and shareable, like create meme with a great image and an inspirational phrase on that they can copy and post on FB or Instagram. (Don't know how? Check out - you'll have one done in minutes!) Or a link to your calender with all the stuff you have going on for them. 

5. Use nice images. People don’t read as much as they used to, so photos can draw them in to your content. Here’s a good free royalty free stock photo site:

Bonus tip #6: Keep track of the newsletters you send. Number them, list the Title & date sent.

OK – now get out there and communicate with your subscribers! You’ll be so glad you did when you start getting calls or emails about your products or services!

~Savana Rose Woods can be contacted at:

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