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5 Hidden Reasons Your Website

 is Preventing Sales

Or how to make analytics your best friend!

Now don't run away when I start talking about web analytics! Many people don't pay any attention to all the various things that can be tracked by an analytics system, and this is costing you money! There is GOLD in there that will absolutely increase your sales or your engagement with visitors, so please read this, you'll be glad you did.

Get Analytics Program

First off, please make sure you have analytics for your website. Virtually all website platforms have built in analytics (some good, some limited), so ask your web designer if you don’t know how to access these. Or, you can simply add Google Analytics to your site.

Now that you’ve got access to your analytics – let’s get started!

  • Unique Visitors – this is what people used to call “hits”, but what we’re looking for here is individual, unique web “Sessions”. They landed on your website. Of course, the more you have the better and how to get traffic will be in a different newsletter, but for now, just write that number down. It’s neither good nor bad, it just is.
  • Bounce Rate & Duration – this is the number of people who came to your site and then left from the same page doing nothing else. If this is a high percent, like 84.5%, you know that they saw nothing there that pulled them in, so they left! The time duration is important too, if they left in under 5 seconds, the probably read virtually nothing you so painstaking put there. Conversely, if they stayed for a minute or 2 and didn’t take the action you want, your “call to action” was weak.


You need to carefully evaluate your site, and eliminate everything that does NOT have to do with what you want them to do, (Sign up for newsletter, Call you) or buy (your products, ebooks, your coaching sessions) People don’t drink in words much anymore, you have to lead them to the water!

  • Referrals – This shows the referring URL, from what site did these visitors come from? Notice what the top 5 sites are.


Is it.....

1. Google? That means your SEO is working, yay! If Google is not in the top 20 referrers, you need to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Newer website platforms have automatic SEO tools included. The higher the number Google referrers is, the more valuable those visitors are! They were looking for exactly what your site offers!

2. A competitor’s site? That’s a prospect for you – did anything on your site grab them? Make sure your offerings are better than theirs and that you lead them to that offer strongly.

3. A blogger? You may want to run ads on their site or ask to place tracking links on her site and you’ll pay for those visitors who click over to your site and buy.

  • New Users/Sessions – This is how many people came to your site for the first time. It’s nice if that’s a nice fat number, but did your email list grow too? Did you get more sales? Did any of these new people call or email you?


1. You must actively and prominently ask for name/emails for your email list so that you can market to them after they leave. More visitors should equal more signups. * More on how to get more people to sign up for your newsletter/opt-in box in a future newsletter.

2. Did you get more sales? You should know your visitor to buyer ratio (called conversion). This should go up with more new visitors.

3. Did more people call you, or fill in contact form or send you an email? These are called leads and this ratio should also go up with more new users.


Conversion Rate– the most important metric of them all! You get the Conversion rate doing this math: Conversion Rate = Total Number of Sales / Number of Unique Visitors x 100. So, if in one month, you got 20 sales (or leads) and you had 1000 uniques – that’s a 2% conversion rate.


THE GOLD: If you made website improvements that are specifically designed to funnel visitors into taking more action, you would increase sales without having to work to get more visitors!Doubling your conversion rate from 2% to 3% is a 50% increase in sales! $$$$$

Now friends, if you have stuck with me this far, you, thank you!! You now know more ways to get more action out of your website which translates into income! However, if your head is spinning from reading these, I can help! 


MY OFFER TO YOU – a 30-minute FREE consultation to determine which one (or all) of these suggestions I could implement for you on your site to capture that all that money you’ve been leaving on the table!


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